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28 April 2016


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Additionally, consider the counterparts in multilateral partners, as well as the need for coordinated multilateral audit!
In Sept. 2014, the 10th Joint Strike Fighter Supreme Audit Institution Conference convened

The project manager concept first implemented about fifty years ago included small project offices directing the efforts of many others in the affected commands and in the contracted organizations.
What's the proper size? I just went to "Ask a Professor" at the Defense Acquisition University, with this response to the question asked by another:
"While our research didn't find any studies that dealt specifically with the "proper size of a program office in different phases of it's lifecycle", we did however, find a number of articles and papers that dealt with the topic from a service; cost; and or organizational perspective as each related to a phase within the acquisition lifecycle."

Why have a single senior flag officer in charge of the program when we can have multiple senior flag officers from each of the various services manage the development and production of the three variants of the F-35?

We were only able to achieve 20% commonality with the JPO so we should be able to reduce that to 0% within a decade or so. Imagine all the savings we will see when each variant of the fighter negotiates separate contracts with Lockheed Martin for parts and production.

The military logistics involved with separate part numbers/specifications for each part on each variant will be so much cheaper as the variants diverge over time.

McCain is right; we need to break up this inefficient big-government program into three inefficient big-government programs. Long live big-government.

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