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05 September 2012


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Sir, as far as we can determine Navistar was dropped mainly because of its unresolved legal issues with ATS and pending criminal case in that regard.

A blog has been active since May 2010 and over 30 open and directed letters send to decision-makers and various actions done in the US. As mentioned on this side the US decision-makers may not respond but has surely taken notice.

Jacob, I feel your pain. Legal disputes can be trying and irritating, and more so when they're with your customers or alliance partners. But I'm not sure that this particular case, or any case, affected the decision. Just today Navistar received a $282 million order to upgrade 2,300 MaxxPro Dash trucks for better survivability. If the US DoD really didn't want to do business with Navistar, it could have solicited that work from another OEM or from an MRO specialist. If Boeing can put new cockpits in Lockheed-built C-130s, I think that Oshkosh or GDLS could retrofit somebody else's MRAPs.

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