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28 July 2014


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Canada should look to partner with Normway (Kongsberg) or Sweden for this missile project instead of going it alone. We are seeing many cooperative ventures to reduce cost and insure a large enough buy to make the project viable. We see Japan and the UK as an example already. It is a waste of Allied funds to make multiple designs even though competition does drive development. With the amount of money being spent on arms in Asia and the Middle East, we need to start focusing on quantity not just quality.

Whatever the case, our Government will have to do an exercise to get the most out of every tax dollar. They are so far from that now that it will be quite a challenge. It all starts with a longterm plan developped by a non-partisan group which is a national plan that stays in place irrespective of which party is in power. Requirements have to be evaluated to avoid adding cost and to stay closer to mainstream designs ex: Cyclone procurement catastrophe. When you look back at the Defence Whitepaper and then the Canada-First plan and where we are now with everything being procured at the last minute with critical compromises to stay in budget, in the corporate world this would be an unmitigated disaster and heads would roll. This is not the way to run military procurement and by extension, the defense and sovereignity of our country.

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