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13 November 2013


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Good article, but the £6.4 billion is for two carriers: Queen Elizabeth and Princess of Wales, so the price per ton is only half the extraordinary amount you calculated.

James, you do know that BAE is building TWO QE Class carriers for that $9 odd billion don't you, the Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales?

The simple fact is that BAE have set new standards for ship building efficiency, far in advanced of anything in the US or Canada or rest of Europe. The block construction method makes perfect sense. One of the main reasons for cost inflation on the QE project is short term budget pressure leading to elongation of the programme and increases in long term costs.

There was no way the Uk would by the CdG class either, its a nuclear powered ship, so no, it was never considered seriously. In fact, France has purchased the designs for the QE class and will likely base whatever comes after CdQ on the QE class.

There is a lot more to the shipyard story than you might think

If you want more information contact me or have a read of these


As Homer Simpson says, "doh!"

Thanks, Watermeplease and ThinkDefence (where do you get these names?) for pointing out my egregious error. I have paid insufficient attention to aircraft carrier building costs outside the US.

And ThinkDefence, I'll definitely read your columns, and then write directly if I have questions.


Price of Wales, a lot!

Check the spelling in your correction James

Sorry to be a pedant

This is clearly not my week. I need to write about something else for a while.

Always enjoy your writing James, its the weekend, must be time for a cold one :)

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