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29 December 2011


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An odd duck or two in the Don, eh Jim? Small thinking to go for something doable resolutions rather than florid visions of unobtainium. Hilarious.

Continue to analyse and foresee. If we had 10 divisions of men like you in DoD, our troubles in the acq biz would be over very quickly, to paraphrase.

Happy New Year!

Ret he Zumwalt.: The irony there is, that the project, as big a financial and technological misery it turned out to be, the replacement is 100% guaranteed to exceed it in every regard, with an extra layer of stupidity. And they still call it a destroyer. This in turn will compel folks to look at DDG1K kindly again (already happening), as if to choose between a death by strangulation or decapitation. Together with the issues facing carrier aviation I guess its a good time to be a submariner (or industry affiliate).

Could you please please provide a link to the report?


If you mean the report on fatalities in armored vehicles, it's here: http://www.slideshare.net/jhasik/professional-grade

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