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11 February 2011


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Thanks for speaking at Wharton Aerospace 2011.

As the (un-named) Wharton Aerospace conference organizer, for anyone who might be interested, but didn't attend our by-invitation-only conference, this URL will take your readers to the framework that provided a common framework for our speakers and panelists:


Coincidentally enough, Force Protection and the sustainability of its initial successes with the MRAP made it into the blog of mav6 CEO Jay Harrison, who spoke on our “Entrepreneurship” panel at the very same you were speaking on our “Innovation” panel. Jay’s comments may be found at:


Just as you write that the armed forces “just haven't figured out what they want to be now that the Cold War is really, really over”, Force Protection has to do the same now that Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom are over. In recent months Force Protection brought on some very smart people like your fellow panelist Bob Johnson to deal with these challenges - and I look forward to reading about it in your upcoming book!

Michael Langman
Founder & Co-President
Wharton Aerospace

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