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10 May 2009


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Amazing! Predator + Hellfire is a "here is how to do it right" example taught in Acquisition classes. Gen Jumper, the USAF CoS, said "I like it, make it happen - here's $3 milion" - and it did. Using in-service components, Hellfire capability was implemented in record time and under budget.

In the AW&ST article, Predator / Reaper losses during landing were highlighted. Small wonder - landing is the most demanding and critical phase of flight. General Atomics has auto-land capability available for the Army Warrior - why hasn't the AF added it to their birds??

Control latency seems to be built in to the equation when trying to control an air vehicle from half a world away. Why not control them from in-theater?

They may not be "perfect" - every system has limitations. You learn to live with them and compensate for them. These platforms have shown remarkable adaptabiity to doing things not originally envisioned in their original "requirements". Requiremetns that "somebody" signed off - right?

An 80% solution right now is better than a 100% solution in the future.

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